Our Story

EGLECTIC, LLC was incorporated in 2018. The founder, Egle Makar, had been a practicing artist for years. After quitting her office job in the fall of 2017, she set out to pursue her dream of building a company that was as ubiquitous as Disney. Having studied a bit about the famed artist in high school, she set out to use media, storytelling, and events to influence culture in a way that creates peace and prosperity for all. At first, Egle wasn't sure exactly how to execute this dream or where to even start, but she knew that for sure one component of realizing her dream was creating as much art as possible and improving her creative skills. After producing numerous images, videos, and sharing more of her personal life online, she realized that her attention was best directed to the things that express her individuality the most. She started focusing on drawing, making videos, and expressing her personality. She hired her first assistant for a few months, which opened her eyes to the fact that many people, although immersed in art like fish in water, did not know how to relate to art. Currently, the goals of EGLECTIC are to share gorgeous creations, curate life-changing events, and teach people how to interpret art made by others and create their own.

EGLECTIC is totally open for collaborations with people from any and every industry. Eventually, the aim of EGLECTIC is to become a company that provides "shelter" and develops budding creators en masse across every medium. If you are interested in joining forces as a collaborator or artist, please shoot us a message via any of the channels on the connect page.

Egle Makar

Founder, CEO, believer that our lives are our greatest masterpiece

Egle likes losing track of time and does not really like writing bios about herself (because she has a hard time choosing what information is the most relevant), but you can check out her book when it comes out. In the meantime, there's always her website (which has links to social media, too).

She is a very tall human who considers insults to be an artform, too, so be mean to her at your own risk.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Egle is the only one running all the operations for EGLECTIC (ahhhh help!). There used to be another wonderful human working with her, Jenn, but due to budget constraints and the stage of the business, Egle had to return to building this company solo. She's really really really looking forward to the day when she can hire people to help her once again.