EGLECTIC is a mission-oriented production company. Our beliefs are our core motivators and we try to live our values with every project. We aim to create a healthy, sustainable, balanced world by imbuing as many of these values as possible into everything we create.

Physical Health

  • getting as much sleep as your body requires to make sure you are well-rested
  • drinking plenty of water and other healthy fluids, such as tea
  • eating a nutritious diet that energizes your body
  • regular exercise that invigorates the body
    • stretching
    • warmups & cool downs
    • strength training
    • cardio training
    • sports, games, dancing

Sexual Health

  • understanding the physicality of sexual health for men, women, and trans/non binary people
    • STIs
    • pregnancy
    • the bodys's natural cycles in relation to the reproductive system
  • practicing personal agency and ensuring consent
  • allowing people to explore their sexuality and experiment without shame, so long as condition of consent is met

Healthy Personal Identity

  • understanding all the various levels of identity and how they shape who we are
  • understanding our inherent value as living beings & developing our sense of individuality
  • having a loving & trusting relationship with ourselves
  • exercising our personal power & trusting our ability to achieve personal goals
  • enjoying privacy and alone time, feeling at ease with ourselves

Interpersonal Health

  • sense of our own boundaries and respect for the boundaries of others
  • a sense of belonging in the world and to other communities; seeing how we fit into the bigger picture
  • expression of familial love, friendship, and being a good neighbor to all of humanity
  • contributing to other people and accepting the contributions of others in a mutually healthy way

Healthy Communication

  • ability to observe, interpret, and demonstrate understanding of other people
  • ability to clearly communicate ourselves in the ways we wish to be understood
  • understanding the difference between other people's intentions and words/actions, listening deeply for needs
  • holding space for others to express themselves
  • practicing communication skills via numerous modes/media - writing, speaking, singing, drawing, recording, etc
  • sharing our unique gifts with the world

Mental Health

  • hearing, understanding, and choosing thoughts that serve our personal and humanity's highest good
  • visualizing, planning, & using our minds to program ourselves for the better
  • learning and teaching others
  • remembering, understanding, and exercising control over our dreams and waking life

Spiritual Health

  • understanding that our faith is the sum of our beliefs about ourselves and the world
  • questioning, analyzing, and choosing what we have been taught, what we believe as exhibited by our history/actions, and choosing what we want to believe
  • trusting ourselves and our faith to carry us through any hardships

It is our genuine belief that this multi-dimensional health is achievable for every individual and essentional to a functioning society. Even when/if we fall short of these values, they serve as beacons for the kind of world we want to live in.

These values are inherent in the ancient chakra system and serve as a basis for our understanding of each person's multi-dimensionality. We believe that developing ourselves to the fullest helps everyone because we can model for others what a healthy expression of all these values looks like. All of these facets can be lacking OR in excess, therefore we believe in constant self-correction and balance.